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Welcome to The Digital Agency

Who Are We

Sitaholic is a digital agency providing you everything you need for your website/webApp/Mobile App with support from team of young professionals.

Our Mission

We aim to provide quality work. Sitaholic believes a professionalwebsite/webApp/Mobile App does not have to be an expensive task. Our goal is to break the myth and provide all the service you need for your website. Our priority is to provide professional website/webApp/Mobile App at a reasonable price. We strongly believe price should not be a barrier in creating quality work.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



Discovering the target audience and their requirements is a must before taking a step in building a Website/WebApp/Mobile App. It is the initial stage before you proceed further. 



Defining the features you want in your product is the most important part for both of us. It makes the task more acceptable and time saving as it’s the prerequisite before heading to the design & development part.  



Designing an attractive  Website/WebApp/Mobile App is what everyone cherish for. Attractiveness depends on how well detailing you have provided us on User Interface (UI). 



Developing a Website/WebApp/Mobile App is done by writing necessary codes of respective technologies according to the predefined design & required functionalities.



Deploying the Website/WebApp/Mobile App to the server is the prerequisite to present it to the targeted audience. Deployment makes the project to go live to the particular platform.



 Delivering projects after testing the performance of our provided service with required tools to ensure how well client’s required specifications are satisfied.


Why Choose Us?

At Sitaholic we are committed to provide robust web-designing at an inexpensive price. Depending on the number of services you take and the choice of design, we provide a range of budget-friendly plans.

You can choose from a wide range of design ideas, plugins and other features with no compromise on quality.

Our team is driven by outcomes thus channeling our focus on quality result with attention to details in every step as we value your trust on us.

Sitaholic team includes a group of talented and enthusiastic young professionals who brings in better leverage with new energy and perspective to cater you with fresh ideas.

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